New flavors for the new year at the Café de Oriente

The beginning of a new year is always full of good intentions, and this 2021 is also loaded with tons of hope. And what better way to accompany them than with new gastronomic proposals.

That is why at Café de Oriente we have wanted to design a winter menu as complete as possible so that our clients, and anyone who wants to enjoy a great plan in Madrid’s city center, have the perfect place to do so at Café de Oriente. New dishes on the menu, always with seasonal products, that our chef Roberto Hierro has also created for the Special À la Carte Menu and for the mixed platters that the Café offers from Monday to Friday.

A declaration of gastronomic intentions from the starters to the desserts that no lover of great food can resist.

There is nothing better than starting the year by celebrating it with the best dishes and in the best environment that Madrid has to offer, the Plaza de Oriente. Not only that, but the menu of Café de Oriente offers flavor some starters such as the knife-cut Iberian Ham with spiced tomato or the Pedro Ximénez duck foie terrine, meats such as shoulder of suckling lamb roasted at low temperature with baked potatoes, fish such as cod in tempura with vegetables from Aranjuez and “brava” sauce, and rice dishes as delicious as the carabinero broth rice or the semi pickled partridge rice, in short, dishes with the best raw materials and with the care and care of a team totally dedicated to their passion for cooking.

Make your reservation and enjoy the best cuisine in the heart of Madrid.

* Café de Oriente complies with the standards established in the COVID-19 protocols and offers its customers the best security guarantees.

Café de oriente
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