An experience for every moment

If Café de Oriente has something, it is that every moment we want to celebrate has a place in its dining rooms. And its versatility of environments means that each plan has its place and above all with the best guarantees so that each celebration complies with all anti-Covid security measures.


Among its spaces, the Café’s terrace stands out, with one of the best views of the city, opposite the Royal Palace, where one may enjoy the best open-air market cuisine in an idyllic setting. Or the bistro, surely the most charming area in the Café de Oriente, where every corner that peeps out to the Plaza de Oriente makes this location perfect for the best plans in the city. Witness to thousands of experiences and that now are guarded among its centennial vaults, the San Gil room is undoubtedly the most charming place in the Café; with absolute availability to adapt to any event or celebration. Next to the vaulted room, the Café de Oriente has two private dining rooms perfect to enjoy in the company of unrepeatable moments and with all the security measures.


At Café de Oriente, each client has their place. We do not want to stop emphasizing that the Café de Oriente team has training in security protocols that adds to the spaciousness to offer our customers all the reliability to enjoy their celebrations with the best guarantees.


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Café de oriente
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